Giulio Aldinucci & Matteo Uggeri – Bureau

DNN 020 C – CD 2020


1 Dead Flag Beat
2 Chinese New Year
3 Fire Dome
4 Inceneritore
5 Ghiaccio
6 Zoo
7 Inside The Bureau

Matteo Uggeri : Field Recordings and Beats
Giulio Aldinucci : Field Recordings and Drones
In 2016 Matteo Uggeri took hundreds of pictures during his working days in 70’s building aimed at training and desk work located in the surroundings of Milan
Later that winter the photographs served as inspiration for this album themed on alienation of offices working life. Tracks are based on outdoor field recordings
looped,treated and re-shaped in order to be transformed  into beats,rhythms, (Matteo) drones and melodies (Giulio).