ADN Chronology

Electronic, experimental, industrial music since 1980


Rudi Pavesi & Piero Bielli (who are cousins) start their interest in new musics, following Krautrock (Kraftwerk, Faust, Can, Embryo), Magma and Rock in Opposition movement


Rock in Opposition Festival Teatro dell’Elfo Milano. Meeting with Danilo Sala (who will be later an ADN member).

Magma in concert at Palalido Milano.  Pizza and interview (never published) with Klaus Blasquitz


Birth of “Amore Del Nipote” fanzine and meeting with Alberto Crosta and Marco Veronesi, who share our interests in music and visit the same records shops as we do and Sinigaglia Fair (record swaps on the road).

Active participation to Embryo concert at Teatro Miele, Milano.


Inter-rail tour of Europa and meeting with DDAA, Philippe Fichot (Die Form), Frank Fenstermacher (Der Plan)

Frequent trips to Zurich meeting Daniel Waldner (later Rec Rec Switzerland)

Trip to Berlin and meeting with Die Toedliche Doris, Das Cassetten Combinat Label and Frank Dieckmann (Thorax Wach)

Meeting in Paris with Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax)


Trip to Grenoble and meeting with Etant Donnes and Philippe Fichot

Trip to Berlin and meeting with Benjamin Heidersberger (Head Resonance), Klaus Hoeppner (Cinema Veritè), Conrad Schnitzler, Ralph Wehowsky (P16D4)

Concert of Tuxedomoon at Cristallo Milano with special edition of L’Amore del Nipote and interview with Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger

Participation to Festival Musiques Traverses and meeting with Victor Nubla (Macromassa)

Participation to Taktlos Festival Zurich.

Concert of Urban Sax at Milano Central Station and meeting with Gilbert Artman.

Meeting with Lô after their concert with the clowns Macloma.


Meeting with Wim Mertens after his concert in Bologna and Interview

Trip to Japan meeting with Masami Akita (Merzbow) , K.K. Null and Kennichi Takeda

Birth of ADN the initial nucleus formed by Piero Bielli, Alberto Crosta and Rudi Pavesi.

Meeting with Tasaday after their Concert at Viridis San Giuliano Milanese

Participation to Festival Musiques Traverses and meeting with Pascal Comelade, Begnagrad, Michel Berkmans (Univers Zero) and Jean-Maurice Rossel ( Debile Menthol)

Marco Veronesi and Carla Crotti join ADN

Visit to Luc Le Masne (Lô) and Jacques Berrocal in Paris.


Trip to London and meeting with Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk) and Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions)

Great cassette trade activity with Aeon (USA), Ptose Production Presente (France), Ladd-Frith (USA), Multiple Configuration (Italy), Tago Mago (France), Illusion Production (France), Acteon (France), Lowest Music and Arts (Japan) and many others from around the world.

Birth of A Dull Note (Record label dedicated to industrial musics)


Organisation of Italian tour of Etant Donnes

Participation to the organisation of the Leoncavallo Concert including Etant Donnes, La1919, Tasaday and Rosemary’s Baby

Birth of Auf Dem Nil (Record label dedicated to non industrial musics) and Out of Standard!! (compilations dedicated to single nations)

Meeting with Chris Cutler and birth of Recommended Records Italia.


ADN ends its activities. Marco Veronesi goes on with Nuova Adienne maintaining the distribution of records


Death of Marco Veronesi after a long illness


ADN is still here! We re-started as a trio with Alberto Crosta, Danilo Sala and Piero Bielli, with a new spirit and new difficulties to spread out our music. Anyhow we released 40 new gems for our curious followers and we keep on !