Sparkle in Grey – Milano

CD 2018


Side A

1 Milan Subhuman
2 Milano da bere
3 Mevlano
4 Bring me to the bank
5 Costituzione

Side B

6 Parlare con liquido composed by Enzo Iannacci
7 Tremendous risk for mr. Formigo composed by And Also The Trees
8 I love Milan (not Paris) composed by Cole Porter
9 Luci a San Siro composed by Andrea Lo Vecchio, Roberto Vecchioni
10 FHS  (Part 1 & 2)

Milan Subhuman inspired by “Subhuman + Don’t do as you’re told, do as you think” by Throbbing Gristle
I Love Paris by Cole Porter in the version of Charlie Parker
Recorded in February 2017 at Guscio Studios by Il Lorenz
Dots and big eye drawings by Olivia Uggeri