Tagubu – Carrer Telègraf

AD9 007 – LP 2020

At first, the sound – kind of a fake serene innocence- Sunday morning music


A1 Benvinguts 5:38 Dedicated to mellowed toupideks – Arrival in Barcelona – Welcoming ceremony – Installation – Shadow of the terrorist attacks 
A2 Titol Esgotat 4:11 Tribute to the carnets of 10 metro tickets – Here, ten tracks repeat the same theme ten times-At first, you can hear the ten tracks all together and, at each repetition, one track is removed, the same way you would remove a ride from your metro carnet 
A3 Falsos Bucles 5:11 Dedicated to Pierre Bastien – Based on African melodies and rhythms (African Roots of the Blues Part 5 – Talensi Fiddle Music From Ghana West Africas) Cracks in laments – Constructions towards an erratic dance for expressiosts masks and wizards’ parade – A slight allusion to the Residents at the end
A4 Correfoc 4:30 Drums played over Overcome by Tricky (Maxinquaye CD) – A repetition – Drawling nostalgia in a canon (singing) that resonates – Contrast with bustle and calm towards the eclosion of an explosive balance
B1 Bona Nit 4:47 Dedicated to Jeannot – The light of three street lamps that shine away in the night like three well aligned and tidy restful – The sound of crickets – The somnolence that comes, interrupted by thoughts – Towards childhood melodies recollections (Die tyrolers zin lustick), surfacing as if they were swimming quietly in a pool
B2 L’email Au Tronc 3:58 Dedicated to Madame PATATE – Lying on the floor looking for her illumination – Night contemplation
B3 El Gos Nico 3:50 Tribute to Mamy Henriette and Coquillerance too – La Fille aux Cheveu d’Ange (Debussy) Inspired by the rhythm of the song <<Vettetem Violàt>> by Muzikas
B4 Sense Fa Sostingut 4:16 Based on Letera by Camelia Jordana
B5 Objectes Perduts (Lost and Found Fred Frith and Iva Bittova) 3:34 Slow and unfinished cover – Inspired by Javanese rhythms

Tagubu : Mellotron D 4000 and on A1 Drums, Alytes Obstetricans (Saint-Jean-D’Angély), La Bombe Humaine (Téléphone), Explosion of an Atomic Bomb, on A4 Drums, on B1 Crickets, Dives, on B3 Drums, Reversed Nightingale (tribute to Chomo), Extract from a traditional hungarian song (Uj miru miru) from the CD Ki volt it by Szàjgobozès, on B4 Drums, Breath, Little harmonica tuner, Extract from the album “L’amour et la Vie” and on B5 Drums, Voices.