Open To The Sea – Tales From An Underground River

DNN 035 C – CD 2022


1 Silent Breath In The Reddish Darkness, Fear.
2 One Step From The Surface Sounds, Drops In The Invisible Tickle.
3 Pebbles Clink, Fluffy Echoes Make The Air Colder.
4 Limpid Lights Dig Words In The Rocks.
5 Emotions And Thoughts Climb Over Years An Years, Always The Same.
6 Tiny Fishes Touch The Water In Frozen Bubbles.
7 That River Moves But I Can’t Even Imagine It. How Cold Can It Be?
8 Slowness Or Speed? We’re All Falling Into It. Just Like A Game.
9 Subterranean Waterfall, Salmon Uphill, Colourful Algae.
10 Drawings In The Water Created By Reddish Pebbles.
11 The Slowest Stream, The Cave Fish, Towards An Emerald Lake.
12 Embraced By The Afternoon Light Reflecting The Enchantment.
13 And Here Lies The Source Of It All.

Open to the Sea are:
Enrico Coniglio: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Yamaha DX7, Korg MS 2000.
Matteo Uggeri: Laptop, Samples, Beats, Field Recordings, Arrangements.
Alessandro Sesana: Trumpet
Andrea Serrapiglio: Cello
Franz Krostopovic: Viola
Mattia Costa: Drums

Recorded in Venice in Autumn 2019 by Enrico Coniglio.
Mixed and arranged by Matteo Uggeri in Falconara Marittima and Milan in Winter 2020, except for track 13, produced and mixed in July 2022 with Saverio Rosi.
Drums recorded by Gianmaria Aprile at Argolab Studios in 2017.
Song titles by Olivia and Nora Uggeri helped by Gaia Margutti.
Mastered by Marco Milanesio in Summer 2022.
Painting by Roberta Casini (circa 1985).
Graphics by Matteo Uggeri.