F.P. & The Doubling Riders – Doublings & Silences Volume I

Un pregevolissimo ed elaboratissimo lavoro di “new contemporary music” concepito da Francesco Paladino e realizzato con la fattiva collaborazione di numerosi artisti italiani e stranieri, il disco comprende 16 frammenti sonori, quasi tutti piuttosto brevi, che provocano intense emozioni sull’ascoltatore che ne sappia apprezzare la non comune forza espressiva.

Federico Guglielmi (Mucchio Selvaggio) Settembre 1986


This curious, but wonderful album is a collection of new and inventive music by an array of international artists, music that tends towards the ambient and Minimalist with some odd, if not bizarre tid-bits thrown in for good measure. The various compositions are interspersed with strange and elusive fragments of texts. Among Alan Neffe‘s (Human Flesh) contributions are “HFA1″ and “Voila les Tropiques” which sound very much like renditions of an early Terry Riley saxophone and tape piece, the former with an overlay a pseudo-medieval chant. “Neoplastie Part III” by Vox Populi is dark, dank, and mysterious, bordering the frightening. The most bent piece is “Smell into a Dream“, with a strange little melody, a quirky riff and curious textures. A lot of the piano playing and sonority on this record is reminiscent of Durutti Column. This is an eclectic and provocative set of music and words.

Dean Suzuki (Sound Choice)


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