Tasaday – Aprirsi nel Silenzio

Overall it’s worth more attention as there’s a lot of good ideas going on in there

Dave Henderson (Sounds) 11/08/1984


I Tasaday si esprimono al meglio quando la crudeltà del suono si traduce in emozione partecipe. Un disco coraggioso proprio perché antepone l’impegno musicale al look e alle trovate sensazionalistiche

Vittore Baroni (Rockerilla) 08/1984


Vaste masse sonore qui se deplace et se scinde en une dizaine de titres e qui pervient a mantenir chez l’auditeur un intérêt costamment renouvelé

Pierre Durr (Intra-Musiques) n. 3 1984


I Tasaday esasperano una realtà di suoni, immagini e situazioni inesprimibili con altri mezzi che non siano la elaborata fusione di ritmi tribali e variazioni dissonanti

Federico Guglielmi (Mucchio Selvaggio) 11/1984


Another wonderful release from ADN! It’s classical-industrial-acoustic-ambient if I had to label it, but even that description doesn’t do justice to this, it’s too special. The first side is the most ‘song-oriented’ side. Not because the cuts are pop or melodic, but because they are shorter compositions. Neat backwards female vocals and piano rumblings. There is some fantastic percussive pieces with various scraps of metal, glass, drum and more. A more sedate version of Test Dept.? Possibly? How about a more interesting too? It goes beyond all of that to create highly original modern music with high levels of dignity and quality. Recommended.

Bill Ladd (Unsound)