Barnacles – Air Skin Digger

DNN010 C – CD 2018


1 How A Slave, Who Had Perpetually Defamed Me And Desired To Have Me Killed, Was Himself Killed And Eaten In My Presence
2 Of The Manner In Which The Savages Ate A Prisoner And Carried Me To The Feast
3 How The Savages Ate The Second Roasted Christian, Called Hieronymus
4 My Prayer To The Lord God When I Was In The Hands Of The Savages Who Threatened To Eat Me

All music by Barnacles.
Barnacles cannibalised the source sounds,
which were made by other musicians, including:
Simone Riva‘s drums (1, 2, 3), Alberto Carozzi bagpipes (1) and guitar (2), Matteo Uggeri‘s trumpet (1), Franz Krostopovic‘s viola (4), Cristiano Lupo‘s bass (3),
Balinese theatre screams and gamelan (3),
Pierre Baudry‘s synths (3).
Mixed by Barnacles in 2017.
Mastered by James Plotkin in 2018.