New LPs in October (20/09/2023)

This is the 3rd record of Ambienti Coassiali on ADN, this time officially shared with Riccardo Sinigaglia. Riccardo was already active on all tracks of “Spare Rooms” but here he is mentioned in the main titles. Side A consists of two long tracks and starts with “Guitambient 1” where a subtle treated guitar slowly crawls accompanied by small percussions, flutes and noises. Ten minutes wrapped in a calm climate evocating an ethnic eastern feeling. “Guitambient 2” proposes an intense interchange between treated guitars and electronic devices. Side B is filled by “Guitambient 3”, the compendium of all the inspirations performed by the two musicians on this record.


Ottomani is a project conceived by ADN and four of their friend musicians. Riccardo Sinigaglia, who had his debut album “Riflessi” on ADN. Ruggero Tajè, who made his first solo CD “Antologica 1976-1999” on ADN. Silvio Linardi and Matteo Uggeri who also had many releases on ADN. The concept was that all the four musicians had to create a basic track, then enriched in three different passages by the other three musicians. After that, the proceeded track was returned to creator who oversaw the final mix. The result consists of four “electronic” tracks with a wide variety of instruments guitar, piano, sax, viola, violin, flute, and percussions. Every musician has left his characteristic marks, but the work has a global uniformity. The music flows gently throughout the record alternating an ethnic middle eastern feeling, oblique guitars, percussive themes, jazzy lightnings, original samples. Four brilliant musicians of different generations, bringing together a vast variety of sounds and atmospheres.