Tungu – Predictability Failure

DNN 038 C – CD 2023


1 Dragonfly (Guitar –Roma Repyah)
2 Bass-tringle (Bass –Éric Normand)
3 Blinking Streetlights (Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Electronics –Bonnie Kane)
4 Belated Deception (Guitar –Alexander Avvakumov)
5 An Unorthodox Passing Away (Guitar –Stefan Strasser)
6 Viaggio (Voice, Electronics –Amy Denio)
7 S’132 (Trumpet –Darren Johnston)
8 Piercing Out Sprout (Alto Saxophone, Harmonica –Takayuki Hashimoto)
9 Rewild Yourself (Trumpet, Electronics –Charlotte Keeffe)
10 Double Diffusion (Guitar –Yumiko Yoshimoto)
11 Amorphic Time Shift (Violin –Mark Feldman)
12 Dived Into The Abyss (Voice –Aya Ogawa)
13 Native Sinusoid (Guitar –George Cartwright)
14 Sticky Emotions (Electric Violin –Mia Zabelka)
15 Messed Up Landscape (Voice –Makigami Koichi)
16 Resistance Of Strenghts (Guitar –Ron Anderson)