La 1919 Spontaneo – L’enorme tragedia

Comforting experimentation.

Questo Caldo (1.) Electronic fast and vivid krautrock, that turns more twisting at the end (ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN). VERY nice start for an album. The next song is “closed” dark ambient noises, but the ending is atmospheric and some kind of Tangerine Dream with more electopop touch (but there’s no drums). (3.) Senza Tregua sounds actually like there’s samples played sequentially (I’m not sure is it like that), and it sounds stiff and pretty awful, though there’s nice things, too. (4.) Dornier Cordialmente – nice association: KENSO (which is very nice band). (5.) L’enorme Tragedia is psychedelic experiment of sounds and vocals.. krautrock. (6.) Il Sogno Di FF-Metzengerstein has some “stick” percussions reminding me of AKSAK MABOUL – Age Route Brra! (Radio Sofia), but they the song is quite quiet and “noise” until there comes some kind of krautrock train. It goes crazy. Next track somehow continues it. And the rattle sounds are lovely. The krautrockness commonly here isn’t so monotonic, though the music is fairly monotonic still. Last track, La Caduta, isn’t so nice. It’s just noises, for example some kind of steam machine sounding things. It somehow suits (train theme, hah) but doesn’t give anything new. The sound in the album is mostly temperate while still being temperamental. Warm and almost fast psychedelic blues (see Captain Beefheart), and dark, a bit mystic.