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Hi Friends

this is the first post on our news chronology, the site  started today the 15 th of May 2018. We just released 1 LP of Sonata Islands Kommandoh titled Zheul Jazz that is an hommage to Christian Vander by this group of musicians that already released Nippon Eldorado Kabaret ( a CD with the musics of Japanese groups near to RIO movement) . We also released 3 Cds Barnacles – Air Skin Digger by Matteo Uggeri who is member of the group Sparkle in Grey. This CD is dedicated to cannibalism and has some great moments, one of the tracks already appeared in a different version on  our compilation  Out of Standard Italia 5. Ruggero Tajè – Antologica (1976-1999). Ruggero  teaches at Milan  Conservatory with Riccardo Sinigaglia and had his same teacher Maestro Antonio Paccagnini. The CD goes through 23 years of electronic compositions that reveal different inspirations and a personal style. Cosmofonia Rudimentale – Balletto Futurista. Cosmofonia Rudimentale is an improvising group moving around the abilities of Roberto Zanisi and his ethnic string instruments. This double CD has a Studio CD and an Live CD both have a great variety of interesting sounds that caught the attention of Amy Denio in the past . One of their pieces was featured on  Out of Standard Italia 5. And Last but not Least a CDr by the trio Ruggero Tajè, Roberto Gotta and Gianmarco Serra titled Fernsessions  a carousel of emotions through a variety of music styles. So if you want to contact us for distributing or buying our productions or simply to say hallo just use our contact form.

thank you

Alberto, Danilo and Piero




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