What’s New 07.06.2018

Hi dear listeners

I will speak here about our new projects first of all the new CD by Masche titled Kalvingrad including Alessandro Cartolari and Cristina Trotto Gatto (Anatrofobia) Valerio Zucca Paul (3EEM, Ulna) Diego Rosso and Andrea Chiuni  (EX-P) performing an interesting electronic-jazz. The new Out of Standard !! Italia 7 including Antono Abate, Daniela Cattivelli, Enten Hitti, Milusic, Luca Pissavini, Ruggero Tajè/Roberto Gotta/Gianmarco Serra ,Superfreak and Andy Cap and  Trio Cavalazzi. Then there will be a Cd by Milusic ethnic electronic music and the re-print of Andreolina lp with Aguirre. We will also partecipate to the release of the new Sparkle in Grey titled Milano.

Hasta el escucho!