Ambienti Coassiali – Spare Rooms

Ambienti Coassiali-Spare Rooms (Artisti del 900 AD9 003)

Ambienti Coassiali is a side project of Capricorni Pneumatici, born during the eighties in Milano and surroundings. Its first cassette simply titled  vol. 1 was edited in 1988 under the  artistic influence of Riccardo Sinigaglia. Inspiration beside Ambienti Coassiali is ambient music, a brand of  well known non-musician Brian Eno. Project’s name and all the titles , numerated from 1 to 6  corresponding to physical rooms (locations),  revoke ambient music base concept. Music flows in the background without asking for a conscious  attention but trying to catch the  subconscious of people who are casually around. Aside of this musical project Ambienti Coassiali also developed a video project , called not casually  “Empty Heads”, that followed the same basic rules. This video project, formed by synthetic images  generated by electronic analogical tv means, took form during last  30 years and  was only completed in 2017. This will bring to a re-press of the whole work in 2018 (LP+DVD).Spare Rooms ( it’s always about rooms) re-starts the musical path of Ambienti Coassiali around  30 after, this time including the  active musical participation of Riccardo Sinigaglia. Here beyond the electronic instruments featured on vol.1, we have a series of acoustic instruments, mainly strings, and the analogical and digital electronics of Riccardo. This project features  4 pieces  and one of them “Gharmonics” totally occupies side A. The music goes through a rarefied atmosphere where the sounds slowly move in a muffled space. You can almost feel something similar to  an absence of gravity. But this doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. On the contrary the atmospheres  and the interventions  of the “gharmonics” acoustic guitar remember me the sound and the structures of the magnetic Pendulums of Takis. The second side opens with “Lutebow” that re-starts the slow flowing of side A evolving towards more disruptive soundscapes with the guitar simulating the deep sounds of the cello and the electronics becoming more tense with dynamics remembering the first Popol Vuh. “Acust” abandons mantra atmospheres and proposes some interactions between the “vintage” electronics of Riccardo and the guitar and the voices electronically re-elaborated by Ambienti Coassiali. Last piece is “Tamin” ,which is the most electronic track of the LP , gives  to the listener the possibility  to planate over sound waves and safely reach the end of this interesting music trip.   In the meantime Ambienti Coassiali is working on vol.2 which probably will bring new surprises. Stay connected !

Lead (Woasches)



AMBIENTI COASSIALI began in the ’80s as a parallel project of CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI in Milan and surrounding areas.

Spare Rooms” is an incredible LP with clear conceptual links to the Milan project’s debut, and their first effort to emerge in 29 years.
“Spare Rooms” is an effort in sculptural ambient space, this time within four ‘rooms’. Unlike its predecessor, “Vol. 1 – Room 1-6”, the recording of which was limited to a single Yamaha DX7 synth and a two track tape machine, this installment features a vastly expanded sonic pallet, while managing to sacrifice none of the project’s signature minimalistic depth.
Rich timbers and sonorities rattle against each other as they rise toward the solid form of ambience, complex structures drift in and out of focus, sometime harsh, bristling drones send the ear askew, in what as to a totality of marvelous, architectural sound.
The long overdue return of Ambienti Coassiali is as brilliant as it is beautiful.

Old Europa Cafè