Ruggero Tajè – Antologica 1976-1999

Ruggero Tajè is one of the electronic Italian pioneers of the seventies. He started as a jazz drummer playing with guitarist Pino Distaso. Then he was one of the pupils of Italian electronic composer Angelo Paccagnini  ( protagonist of Italian contemporary  electronic music with the more known Berio and Maderna) during the same period of Riccardo Sinigaglia and Gaetano Liguori .  After his studies he took the guitar as main instrument. He didn’t release his music till nowadays, apart some collaborations with Ahmed Ben Dhiab (a Tunisian painter, poet and singer) that were released on cd in the nineties. So “Antologica “ gives us an idea on the evolution of his music on a range of  around 25 years. “Proiezioni Verticali” based on the sound of a toy organ remembers some climates of German “Kosmische Kuriere”. “ Nommo” is an interplay between a treated guitar metallophones and marimbas a sort of de-structured jazz. “ Non c’è piu mare per Moby Dick” transforms the relaxing whale sounds in the agony of underwater world using concrete sounds, noises and percussions. “Bahia”  is computer music , a sort of circular repetitive track with a rhythmic base.  “Omaggio a Miles” for midi guitar and synth is an atmospheric piece with a “false trumpet” dancing on it dedicated to Miles Davies. “ Omaggio a Miles II ” proposes a contracted version of the former track. “ Improvviso dinamico” is a long track of contemporary electronics with a slow flowing sound with pressing percussive interferences. “Analogica” is music for a ballet based on sampled synthesized water sounds that flow directly through the head of the listeners. “A Raoul” elaborates electronically the sounds of the accordion of Raul Barbosa and brings them to collide  with extreme sampled string sounds. “Download” is a patchwork of sounds and materials coming from the net creating a climate of organized confusion. “Connessioni” is a long suite based on the sounds of a cello that reveals once more the capacities aquired by Ruggero during these 23 years of experimentation. This work reproduces a wide range of climates and it may be seen as an accurate survey of the formative path of an artist who has a relevant role in Italian electronic music scene. Lead (Woasches)