Out of Standard!! – France 2

Another issue in the Out Of Standard !! series from ADN Tapes, this one features French bands from the post-industrial rock scene as well as a few French luminaries who happen to be personal favorites, like DDAA, La STPO and Toupidek Limonade. DDAA contributes an unusual, massive guitar trio, apparently a track from a live performance including the 3 members on guitar, each duetting with a video of prerecorded guitar parts. I’m told this was the live set up of a few performances at the time. Toupidek Limonade starts with sad, detuned piano notes before their usual mysterious guitar parts and Pataphysical vocals (a grotesque love song) take the lead. The track was added to the CD reissue of ‘Il Y A Des Nuits’ cassette, on In Poly Sons. Interestingly, both Die From and La STPO use German language in their tracks. Nice surprise from Orient Express, a band I’m unfamilar with, with a mix of decent new wave, exotic synth loop and cute female vocals. On the other hand, a few contributions do sound like some Dungeons & Dragons soundtrack to me, but this is OK.

(Continuo) 17/08/2009